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Training + Education

As a stylist and salon owner with

over 30 years experience

I’ve learned that success requires true professionalism, advanced artistic skill, continued education, and a team who knows they are supported and valued.

Shelly is the founder and owner of Allure Salon + Boutique. Allure won multiple industry awards as a top 200 Salon by Salon Today for the past nine years. Allure has also received recognition and awards for Salon Culture, Employee Compensation & Benefits, Customer Service, Top 200 in 2024 for their Educational Program, Retail and Merchandising, Growth & a Profit Center award. Additionally, Shelly’s salon received the Dom Lentini Award for business excellence in 2023. They were recognized as a downtown business that has shown exceptional leadership and dedication in the promotion of the downtown community, and in 2024 was awarded “Business of the Year.”

The Beauty Cloud is the success serum your salon needs for leadership training, business acumen, skill advancement and educational excellence.

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